Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

You could get money from Facebo. It sounds like one of those posn Facebook that share but isn’t really true. But you know what? This actually is true. Two wants to know is breaking down the details.

There are three things to know. This money is from a lawsuit settlement out of California. You’re eligible for a cash paymt if you were a Facebook user anye between May 2007 and December 2, and you have until August 25th of this year to make a claim. Claim form Now here’s a look at the claim . It’s pretty straightforward. Name, address and a current e-mail address are required. You’ll be asked for the e-mail address that is associated with the Facebook account, the phone number and your user name as well. You might have to look that up and get this.

 How much You can get payment by prepaid MasterCard, PayPal, Venmo Direct, deposit into your bank account, Zell, even a check mailed to you if you want to. So how much are you going to ge? Well, it all kind of depends. The settlement is for 725. 1,000,000 bucks. It will be split by the number of people who make a claim. Two Wants to Know has the claim form for you. All you have to do is look for s story in the Two Wants to Know section.

By youne