Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

on the eve of the coronation Prince Harry has brought up a new legal issue and that raises the question whether the palace blocked his claims earlier against rupatmatics a News Group Hari is seeking to sue Murdoch’s news group newspapers ngn for multiple unlawful acts that are said to include hacking the ngn group that includes the Sun newspaper has already settled about a thousand such claims so far principally were hacking Harry’s claims now raise allegations really over a secret deal between the newspaper group and Prince William in which the newspaper group made a separate settlement with Prince William Harris came now is that his claim earlier was shared even though it had the support of the late Queen it has been made clear on behalf of Harry in the course of the ongoing legal proceedings in London that he is not criticizing the late queen or the royal family Harris claim rests on allegations over matters that arose from mid 90s till about 2016 the ngn group says that the claims have a reason now too late and Harry says he did not bring the claims earlier because of a secret deal .

By youne