Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

shot down at the line peon is into the cross after hurry tees it up it’s in the net but the horn already

 went shifely knocked it in it clearly went in after the horn and now we’re gonna get a strum and everyone’s gonna grab onto an edge partner Stone , and Connor at the heart of it there was a rocking body check at the end of the scoring Chance by scheifele how I believe Barry scheifele in the boards behind the net of the Vegas golden knights then the puck worked its way around and eventually found its way into the net I’ll bet a second or so late but that didn’t stop the shenanigans from happening and got this thing all settled referees will get the players to go to their benches there is still a very important 20 minutes of hockey to be played here which has been a real solid hockey game shifely before the break tries to get that two goal lead tries to restore it as he drives to the net how about that little shimmy as he goes across the puck gets up with his pants and there’s where Howton just buries him as scheifele he’s looking back to see where the puck went and there’s McNabb and Francois knocking it into the road net but the clock had already hit zero zero so that wasn’t going to count and hit McNabb right in the shoulder and that’s a real break that the clock had ticked down .

By youne