Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

we’re discussing the latest controversy surrounding the US and China

 specifically in regard to investment in artificial intelligence China has expressed outrage over the Biden administration’s plan to steer investment away from China and towards other countries let’s take a closer look for months the Biden Administration has been hinting at an executive order aimed at keeping Ai and other technology-related Investments out of China

 this plan has caused China to accuse the U.S of pursuing selfish interests using economic coercion a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke out against this plan in a recent briefing saying that China is firmly opposed to it he also accused the U.S of engaging in economic coercion and scitec bullying which he says undermines the principles of the market economy and Fair competition China has warned that it may take steps to counteract what it sees as U.S bullying in the tech sector however it has not yet specified what those steps might be the White House has declined to comment on the executive order but reports suggest that it may be launched at a mid-may meeting of the Group of Seven Nations in Japan if the G7 Nations decide to discourage high-tech investment in China tensions could increase even further between President Biden and Chinese president Xi Jinping there are already concerns that China May Advance an AI system that exhibits core values of the Communist Chinese party such as avoiding criticism of the party some experts are calling for a democratic AI standard that prioritizes transparency and accountability .

By youne